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"A ritual is an act performed to connect
one back to an idea or purpose."


A New Kind of Ritual

Rituals are the foundation of cultural and family traditions. There are rituals unique to the Girl Scouts and the Boy Scouts, to corporate settings, civic groups, religious organizations and fraternal organizations. And there are smaller yet equally important rituals: a veteran snapping to attention when “Taps” is played as a comrade-in-arms is laid to rest or a touch football game after Thanksgiving dinner.


The Power of Rituals creates a new meaning for rituals. Our rituals will help you connect in a creative yet meaningful way to the important people in your life. Our rituals will help you cultivate precious memories and create new ones. Our rituals will help you celebrate the uniqueness of everyone in your life.

The Definition of Our Rituals:

Our Rituals Have:

  • A start and a finish
  • A structured recipe or process
  • An intention
  • A desired result


Our Rituals Are:

  • Structured yet dynamic and fluid
  • Religion neutral
  • Fun


Our Rituals Can Become:

  • Customs
  • Traditions
  • Cherished activities and memories
  • Defining moments in your life and relationships


Our Rituals Are Not:

  • Random acts
  • Religious Ceremonies
  • “Hokey” or “touchy feely” (Unless you want them to be)




The “Shoe Shopping Good or Shoe’n Tell” ritual uses every woman’s Achilles heel – shoes – as a metaphor for encouraging each other to take the next important step in their lives. It’s fun, meaningful and everyone leaves feeling supported and having a new pair of shoes to anchor their commitment. View the “Shoe’n Tell” ritual in action by clicking the play button on the player below.

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Connect, Cultivate and Celebrate
the Relationships Of Your Life

Rituals mean different things to people in different circumstances and cultures ranging from religious ceremonies to family traditions. There are rituals we define as traditions such as sharing valentine cards and gifts; hunting for Easter eggs; cheering for fireworks on the 4th of July; trick or treating for Halloween; and watching the holiday parades. In the context of traditions they happen time and time again. In the context of rituals, we look forward to them, plan for them, and something is missing if we do not experience them every year. Most importantly we create these experiences to connect to our families and friends.

With the tragedy of 9/11, a CNN/USA TODAY Gallup poll conducted shortly after, found that the terrorist attack was a life-altering experience for more than one-third of Americans.  More than half of those surveyed said it compelled them to spend more time with family and friends. Now in 2007 we are back to the number one New Year’s Resolution of loosing weight but none-the-less, the relationships of our lives transform when we put effort and intention into the connection.

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Power of Rituals