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Linda Ann Smith, Power of Rituals author







Linda Ann Smith, Power of Rituals author


How to Connect, Cultivate and Celebrate the
Relationships of Your Life: Create a Ritual!

The Power of Rituals is a simple, creative and fun way to add memorable experiences to just about any occasion. You can use our rituals to generate greater interaction at family get-togethers, create exciting experiences for holiday events, or reconnect with your friends at your next dinner party. The possibilities are endless. All it takes is a willingness to share and listen.

"Linda's rituals give me the opportunity to speak from my hear - not a normal guy thing - but it sure feels good when I do it." Nick Holloday, Denver, Colorado.

View the "Shoe'n Tell" ritual

Receive the full Shoe'n Tell Ritual to use for a variety of events including, birthdays, wedding showers and bachelorette parties.

Connect With Friends and Family

Connection is an important result of our rituals. Strong emotional connection within your relationships brings meaning and purpose to your life. Feeling like you truly belong sustains you and feeds you.  That’s what our rituals will do for you.

"The rituals I have created serve as a catalyst toward creating strong, warm and more intimate connections." Kathy Filgo, Genesse, Colorado

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"Consistency builds trust. Trust creates history.
History builds traditions. Traditions become rituals."

-Martin Lindstrom

Power of Rituals